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concrete art

I love doing more with less; and, when done correctly, I love bare concrete floors. And that’s why I’m drawn to Concrete Art by Transparent House, a 3D Visualization studio. It’s a way to add interest to an otherwise stoic and cold surface.

The flowing floral is concept only; the etching process can accommodate just about any design.

I’m a big proponent of finished concrete floors (when appropriate). Conceptually, I relish the raw nature of it; sustainably it eliminates the use of materials, adhesives, and labor to lay down flooring material.

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wear concrete

I hate to mention it, but valentines day is very soon and nothing says you care like concrete.

for him:


for her:


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a room for art

This concrete art gallery by Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hachler is reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings in the way it engages the landscape.



The walls and spaces are meant for art but the architects composed them in such a way that I question the need for it. Although, the empty volumes and barren walls could be begging for something more. The seamlessness of the concrete begins to make a place for art with no distractions. A place this seemingly simple respects the art that will sit within it. While standing alone, it becomes a piece of art. Do any of you artists out there have a preference as to what type of space would best suit your art? Would this be it?



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