get on beat

I am currently in love with this drum/beat keyboard. We had the entire studio jamming last night.


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happy up here

Wishing you a Happy Friday with Royksopp’s new video, Happy Up Here, from their upcoming album ‘Junior’.

Directed by Reuben Southerland.

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wade kavanaugh


Wade Kavanaugh does large installations made out of building materials such as steel studs, plywood, sheet rock, and joint compound.  I would love to see one of these large room installations. Luckily his work will be on display at the Reeves Contemporary in New York Feb.12 – March 21. I can smell the sheet rock now!





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the leap chair

THE LEAP . . .


We have been testing out a new chair this week and are pretty comfy at the moment. It’s Steelcase’s new Leap office chair. We have the white leather version, which is very soft. The shape of its back is definitely the primary design feature as it is thin and sleek. Plus our backs are really enjoying the adjustable lumbar support. One of their studies claims 17.8% increase in productivity which we can’t quite attest to because we keep it at the home office.  We can imagine though that the 3 0’clock leg numbness might fade away with the gliding seat that adjusts as you move. Also for afternoon power-napping the seat back reclines pretty far prefect for putting your feet up or for a nice stretch. 

steelcase-06 steelcase-07


We’ve noticed that sliding forward or leaning back in most chairs your back is left unsupported because the seat and back move together. In Leap the seat and the back operate independently which allows both pieces to move with you, providing support in all positions.  

Our favorite feature of the chair is the arms. Arms on chairs are great but lets face it they are often (for us) largely unused because we can’t get them in the right position to support our arms while controlling the mouse.  Our wrists end up resting on the edge of the table leaving the arms unsupported.  Not so with Leap, these arms glide with ease as we move around.  They move both forward and side to side, making transferring positions effortless.  We’re not even sure we think to move the arm rests – they just move with us keeping our arms well supported and our shoulders a little less tense.

arm-01 steelcase-05

Another reason to go with Leap is its Silver cradle-to-cradle certification. The amount of manufacturing space is 74% less than similar products.  It’s materials contain no PVC, CFC’s, solvents, chrome, benzene, lead or mercury and an 18% reduction in weight means less materials used.  When it is time to say goodbye to your Leap at the end of its life is 98% recyclable.

We’ve gotten our rears hands on a few high-end office chairs and Leap quickly become a favorite. For more reading, Josh at SoildSmack got a chance to interview the Leap’s designers talking about all the prototypes. We’ll leave you with a few shots of the design process:


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“plug!”- cork and glass by tomas kral

We have an inexplicable fascination with cork-based furniture (as evidenced here and here). At least when it’s done well we do.  And artist Tomas Kral’s line of products are some of the best we’ve seen.  His designs are modern, clean, thoughtful, and look durable (this last one’s hard to say without actually getting our hands on one).  Check out his website for more photos.
His process includes the using a CNC maching to mill the cork and hand blowing the glass pieces.  It’s a marriage between a controlled, accurate process and one that is much more organic.
+via: designboom
+tomas kral

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new york in 3000 photos

Here’s a fun video to start off your work week:

+via NPR

Thanks Amy for the link.

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paper clouds

paper-clouds-01French designers  Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have created a paper sculptures/ room dividers that take on the form of clouds. The structures are made of textile pieces held in place by elastic bands.  There are tons of colors and you can configure them as you wish.  The options are endless.


by danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat

+via: contemporist

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