As much as we like art and architecture and everything associated with them, we also love music. So here are some of our favorites. Maybe you will like them – maybe not. But I encourage you to have a listen. We’ll feature a new one every week, so check back often.


Music Spotlight #11Gotan Project: Lunatico
Track: Notas feat. Juan Carlos Cacares

Music Spotlight Archive

Music Spotlight #10 – Afterlife: Speck of Gold – *View Post*
Track: Smooth

Music Spotlight #9Black Mountain: In the Future – *View Post*
Track: Angels

Music Spotlight #8 – Yael Naim: Yael Naim – Yashanti *View Post*

Music Spotlight #7Zeep: Nina Miranda and Chris Franck Present Zeep – Sem Parar *View Post*

Music Spotlight #6Adani & Wolf: Adani & Wolf – Sensing Somekind of Presence *View Post*

Music Spotlight #5Steve Poltz: Traveling – Stay Away a Little Closer *View Post*

Music Spotlight #4Schiller: Leben (Life) – Delicately Yours *View Post*

Music Spotlight #3 – Sigur Ros: Hvarf/Heim – Hljomalind *View Post*

The DVD, Heim, trailer:

Music Spotlight #2AndrewBird: Armchair Apocrypha – Fiery Crash *View Post*

Music Spotlight #1Sia: Some People Have Real Problems – Little Black Sandals


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