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parachute jacket

Raeburn Designs creates fashionable clothing from recycled military grade parachutes. Very cool!
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wine will light up your night

Literally! Tatiana Guimarães has given a new meaning to reusing packaging with her Ciclus wine bottle packaging that transforms from a box to a lamp.


The Brazilian designer wanted to extend the life cycle of wine packaging and I must agree that she found a very creative way.  The lamp is beautiful and would make that house warming gift bottle last a little longer.  I am not sure everyone who buys a wine bottle needs a new lamp so there is some excess. However, it another good start to the conversation on our packaging along with the hp laptops that are packed in bags. YES, we can package things better.


The compact florescent bulb is included and the directions are printed on the box eliminating the need for an extra slip of paper! Did I mention that these would make great client Christmas gifts?

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Don’t you hate it when old electronics or products pile up because you know you should recycle them but don’t know how or where to go? Enter Earth911, a one-stop site for your recycling needs.
Also check out their blog.

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Designer Igor Pinigin’s low water comsumption wash sink.  Ingenious idea, but I reserve judgement untill I try it. 



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Fun, interactive game to teach about the simple things you can do to save energy. Link.
(flash v.10 required)


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solar blind

Vertical Solar Lamp collects solar energy during the day and converts it into energy to be used during the night. The lights seen below are LED’s. The designers chose shapes of lamps to arrange the LED’s but I would think they could be any shape or size, perhaps even customizable to the users preference.



designed by: Yoon-Hui Kim & Eun-Kyung Kim

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the natural swimming pool


Natural swimming pools are becoming popular in Europe and I think we can all see the appeal.  These pools actually remind me of my parents who always seem to be adding one more tier or waterfall to their pond.  As the the pond has grown larger and larger, my moms dream of a small lap pool have taken a back seat.  With a natural pool, they could have the best of both worlds as long as they don’t mind brushing against Shock, the biggest of their koi.

Natural pools are more similar to a lush vegitated pond with the added benfit of being able to take a dip.  If you swim everyday I am sure your skin will thank you for eliminating the clorine and other pool chemicals. The plants and rock filter the water as it is drawn through into an ultraviolet filter that takes care of any lingering bacteria. Here is a link to an article by Greenbydesign that explains more about these pools.


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