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tuesday taste: radishes

Today’s taste focuses on a crisp treat that is great on a salad, in a sandwich, for breakfast, or as a stand alone snack. Introducing . . . the RADISH[es]. I love the variety they come in.

radish.jpg longscarletradish.jpg daikon150.jpg watermelonradish125.jpg japlongscarlet.jpg dvagnon.jpg eastereggradish145.jpg horseradish100.jpg

(left to right)

1. The red radish_ the traditional salad radish, but it can also be great cooked (making it less bitter)

2. Long Scarlet radish_ a crisp, mild, rich radish famous in Italy

3. Diakon radish_ A large juicy yet mild radish popular in the orient

4. Watermelon radish_ this one is beautiful when cut open. It is similar to the red radish but without as much bite. It cooks very well and can even be mashed like potatoes.

5. Japanese Long Scarlet_ beautiful color, long, thin, and great for pickling

6. D’Avignon_ the French eat these for breakfast

7. Easter Egg radishes_ a variation on the red that come in multiple shades

8. Horseradish_ our bitter friend that adds a little zing to our meats and sandwiches

{via: delicious organics}

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tuesday taste: ceviche


Today’s taste is something I ran across a few years ago on a trip to the beach. A group of us went deep sea finishing and one of my friends decided to make us a treat, ceviche. Although I may have had the dish before in a Latin American restaurant, I certainly did not realize that it was “cooked” by citrus. There is no heat used in the process; instead, the citrus juices cause the proteins to become denatured which pickles and cooks the fish.  This process can be used on shellfish and shrimp as well and can be served a variety of ways.  The taste is refreshing and lite. The denaturing process changes the texture so if you don’t usually like uncooked fish you may like ceviche.

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tueday taste: soup dumplings

dumpling-02.jpg dumpling-01.jpg

Today’s taste is a treat that I dream about, soup dumplings. My experience with these little guys came later in life than I would have liked. No soup dumplings are not just dumplings floating in some broth; the soup is on the inside! The dumpling is soft and perfectly steamed usually with a meat or seafood filling that is similar to the one found in gyoza. The art of eating these has to be perfected as the juice can gush at first bite. It is a balancing act of placing the dumpling on a soup spoon and lifting with chop sticks. These little guys can be tricky to find but any city with a china town ought to have them. One of the most famous places in New York to find them is Joe’s Shanghai. It is worth the hunt; they will leave you warm on the inside and wondering just how they got the soup in there.

On a side note I once tried to make these from scratch and failed miserably. I would have never guessed it but you turn the stock into a gelatin that way you can wrap in the dumpling as a solid. My problem was that the gelatin never melted and there were strange jello chunks inside. It was a disaster but I had so much fun trying so here are some links to recipes: epicurious

February 19, 2008 at 12:52 pm 1 comment

tuesday taste: king cake


So, Fat Tuesday has come and gone but king cake can still be had by all. This year I received the baby and must pass on the joy of this cream and cinnamon filled pastry to others. A small plastic baby is hidden in the cake and as tradition the receiver of the baby must pass on the king cake with another party and another cake. This pastry symbolizes the season of Mardi Gras. Cake parties begin the 12th day after Christmas and don’t stop until Fat Tuesday, the official day of Mardi Gras. The celebration occurs throughout the world; perhaps, none appreciate it more than the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. The celebration in New Orleans is a must see and contrary to popular belief the parades are very family oriented.

The best King Cake, as I and many tried and true southerns will attest, can be found at Paul’s Pastry out of Picayune, Mississippi. view map

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tuesday taste: pho soup


Vietnamese soups are great this time of year as they are hot and filling yet not too heavy. The springy mix of cilantro, basil, sprouts, green onions and other greens gives a hint of spring which leaves me hopeful for warmer weather.

Pho is a ginger beef soup with rice noodles that is very aromatic. A popular tradition is cracking a raw egg over the mixture; the piping hot liquid cooks it slightly . . . I haven’t seen that in a restaurant in a while. The bowls are often diner plate size so it can be romantic to share a bowl; plus I can never finish it all. Perhaps the best part of grabbing a bowl at your local Vietnamese restaurant is all the special sauces and extra spicy stuff you can add to make the flavor your own.

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Taste: Ethiopian


If you are adventurous in taste, as we are here at momeld, get on citysearch and type in Ethiopian. The aroma and flavor cannot be beat. The most similar comparison is Indian food but without the curry. Vegatarian? No worries they use a lot of greens, cabbages, and lentils. The meats are great as well. This is not for you if you can’t put down your fork, you eat with your hands. You scoop up the food with Injera, a somewhat indescribable bread. It is flat like Naan but spongy and very moist. Most places don’t have tables which increases the romance. I would write it down as a great third date place. I can’t wait to go back!

If you are feeling really gutsy ask for Ethiopian Coffee. (we are not responsible for any side effects!)

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January 31, 2008 at 5:02 pm 1 comment

Food as Art

We have all heard it before . . . a meal appearance is just as important as its taste. There is something about well designed food that just tastes better. The people of food-designing have a interesting concept of engaging food and social activity. The approach to food should always involve both the cooking and preparation of it. Foods can easily take on ergonomic, functional, communicative, and interactive properties.

Techno-tapas: a flavoful snack that travels with you

organic peas with portraits if 20th century women engraved on them:


Fish as a snack: squeeze for lemon and eat easily in social settings


January 30, 2008 at 7:14 am 2 comments

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