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fast food slowly

A set of tableware by designer Pearl Chung helps you slow down and enjoy your food – even if it is from McDonalds or the like.

According to Pearl:

“The pleasure of Fast Food exists as I can still see people enjoy eating it because it is delicious. In Slow Food culture, apart from the quality of food, it is important that whether people really enjoy what they are eating and whether they can find the pleasure from it. Therefore, if people really enjoy the process of food consumption, no matter what kind of food it is, all kinds of food can actually be Slow Food. I initiated a task to design a set of products to encourage people enjoy their Fast Food consumption and to have more sitting down occassion with the others while eating Fast Food.”

The design is part of a collection of works from students at Central St. Martins. You can view more on their flickr photostream.

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porsche designs a…er…wine cellar

Champagne House Veuve Clicquot brings you Vertical Limit wine cellar designed by traditional car manufacturer Porche Designs.

Numbering only 15 in existence, the hand-made, stainless-steel works of art take three weeks to manufacture and come fully stocked with 12 magnums of Veuve Clicquot vintages. Available for purchase at fine wine retailers Crush Wines in New York and Wally’s in Los Angeles, Vertical Limit will only set you back a modest prohibitive $70,000. I guess it’s the price you pay for hand-crafted beauty.

+ Source: Born Rich

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bbq tray

BBQ Tray by D-vision is designed to collect the often messy pre-cooked and post-grilled juices. You have to hand it to them – it’s quite a mundane problem they’ve cleverly solved. And isn’t that what good product design is all about.

+ via: Play Me Design

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GIY – grow it yourself: fish and greens

Become a Locavore and produce your own food at home with Local River. Conceived by Mathieu Lehanneur, Local River is a conceptual “aquarium-refrigerator” where one can breed his/her own fish and grow vegetables simultaneously.

Grow fish and plants

Vegetables in the floating pots help purify the water by removing nitrates and other minerals – which in turn nourishes the plants. In this way, the plants and fish become interdependent in this man-made eco-system.

Grow fish and plants

For those in NYC, this concept will be presented at the Artists Space Gallery starting 25 April. Via MoCo Loco.

+ What is a Locavore?
+ More about the designer Mathieu Lehanneur

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one-a-day chocolate

chocolate everyday2

How would you like to have a different flavor of chocolate every week? From Basil to Black Pepper, 100% Coffe Cafe serves up 56 varities of your favorite indulgence. Better sign up for the gym!

chocolate everyday1chocolate everyday3

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edible tableware


Japanese designer, Nobuhiko Arikawa of Rice Design has created edible tableware for Orto Cafe in Japan. (note: the links are in Japanese)


These guys are actually made of a hard biscuit dough made from flour, salt, and water. The mixture is easy to dry pack and it stays edible for a long time as it was once used as a ration at sea. The plates remind me of Injera which is a bread used as a plate and side for Ethiopian food.


{via: dezeen}

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tuesday taste: vietnamese rice paper rolls

vietnamese-rolls.jpg m1098246.jpg ek0309_asian_summer_roll_e.jpg

Todays taste is inspired by my wanting spring to arrive. Vietnamese rice paper rolls are one of the freshest tastes out there. Similar to a egg roll or spring roll, they can be filled with a variety of things. Most popular is shrimp with sprouts, lettuce, jicama, cucumber and pepper. My personal favorite rolls include mint, basil and cilantro which adds to the fresh flavor. They are usually served with a sweet/ spicy peanut sauce which compliments the fresh ingredients of the roll nicely.

+ recipe

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