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simply home

hideyuki-00 It seems that most modern homes these days scream for attention. Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture produces a modern home that is so simple it might be overlooked.  It has the lines of the humblest of shelters but the slight lift from the ground hints at the true beauty of this home.




The table is at the core of the home making a statement about what is really important to family life.  From this spot you can see what is going at all levels of the home.  The perfect bungalow for raising a family. The photos of this house are a treat so be sure to check out more




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modern living: Powerhouse’s villa1

Not for the shy of heart, Powerhouse’s award-winning modern marvel of transparency, clean minimalist lines, and excruciatingly beautiful details is enough to make even Philip Johnson proud.

+ More pictures here.

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Foster’s humble boat

Wait, Foster + Partners are now designing boats?!?  It appears that they are, for YachtPlus “fractional yacht ownership made easy”.  Ahhhh, time share for a boat!  Plus you won’t have to worry all the troubles that come at sea.  Instead you can enjoy the corporate luxury interiors:

Very Foster-ish indeed.  My favorite are the construction photos.  Since when did boats need so many wires?

Finally a boat for those who hate everything about boating.  Actually this is a nice boat that I would love to spend a day on. I think the exterior has the interior beat, by far! more.

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New Bar + Club Design: Book Review

In many countries and cultures, bars and clubs are a social staple. Harkening back to the days of the “waterhole”, the purpose has pretty much stayed the course: to socialize and, more importantly, quench thirst.

In modern times, however, a third function has arisen – to become a breeding ground for panache designers’ wild ideas.  While many bare-bone bars exist to help one simply forget about the day, in the large high-culture cities around the world high-technology, cutting edge design, and trendy flair come together to create unique social experiences.

For the past several years, Abbeyville Press has been there to help document this strong sub-genre of design and architecture;  New Bar + Club Design is their latest installment.

New Bar + Club Design is a photographic journey through the worlds most popular spots of the “cocktail culture”. Though chock full of beautiful full-spread photos (for us visually oriented), there is also well-written textual descriptions and architectural plans (for when you need more “in-depth” information).  A guide for design and inspiration, or a traveling itinerary for night-lifers and bar-lovers around the world, New Bar + Club Design is a fun book to have in any library.

You can buy here. (Abbeville Press)
Also check out theAbbeville Blog

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artist census

Interesting read on artists in America: (link)

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concrete art

I love doing more with less; and, when done correctly, I love bare concrete floors. And that’s why I’m drawn to Concrete Art by Transparent House, a 3D Visualization studio. It’s a way to add interest to an otherwise stoic and cold surface.

The flowing floral is concept only; the etching process can accommodate just about any design.

I’m a big proponent of finished concrete floors (when appropriate). Conceptually, I relish the raw nature of it; sustainably it eliminates the use of materials, adhesives, and labor to lay down flooring material.

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Happy Birthday!

And today She turns 125! New York plans on celebrating the Brooklyn Bridge’s 125 years with festivities over Memorial Day weekend. Congradulations Mr. and Mrs. Roebling, your baby still stands beautifully.

New York City History Guru’s: The Bowery Boys have put together a fantastic podcast about the bridge. Listen here

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