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April 28, 2008 at 6:27 am Leave a comment

As people are finding more and more inventive ways to use the micro-blogging platform Twitter, the service is becoming not only a means of instant social interaction, but a life-hacking tool. The best example I’ve seen to date is Andy Stanford-Clarks hacked home automation system to tweet updates on water and power usage, telecommunications, indoor temperatures, and the state of lighting and security systems.

Not too long ago I blogged about a nifty device that quantified your homes’ power consumption to help you change your energy consuming habits by giving a form of real-time data. Andy’s idea is similar but much farther reaching. While I think that keeping an Orwellian eye on every little system change in your wired home is a bit over-kill and exhausting, the implications are very intriguing. With further advancement this would be more helpful as an alert system for abnormalities in everyday usage. Combine this with an online automation system and the possibilities begin to get really exciting. Imagine being at work and receiving a tweet that your bedroom and kitchen lights have been left on and then signing-in and shutting them off remotely. Or how about being alerted that you’ve used 20% more water for three days straight indicating a leak well before you get your monthly water bill.   Whatever the application, used correctly, an interacting/intelligent home can help save resources and money. 

Check out Andys house twitter account here.

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