this table will self-destruct

March 13, 2008 at 7:52 am 1 comment




self destruct diagram

Studio 1 A.M. out of Chicago has created a limited edition coffee table that is defined by a little more than some random number of how many will be sold. This piece is designed using a grid of pixels and with every new one made a piece is taken away – making each one a little bit unique. The series will end when it is no longer structurally viable as a table. The designers and manufacturers are going to have fun with this one. Think of it as Jenga; which piece will make it fall? If the website is up to date, 25 pieces have been removed so far therefore 25 have been sold.

It is made of concrete (well the designers claim to use a more sustainable version of concrete). They currently advertise that it weighs 481 pounds. Although if you dread moving around something that large you can always wait it out and see just how light it gets.

+ see another great design from these gals
+ buy one

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