tuesday taste: radishes

March 4, 2008 at 12:23 pm Leave a comment

Today’s taste focuses on a crisp treat that is great on a salad, in a sandwich, for breakfast, or as a stand alone snack. Introducing . . . the RADISH[es]. I love the variety they come in.

radish.jpg longscarletradish.jpg daikon150.jpg watermelonradish125.jpg japlongscarlet.jpg dvagnon.jpg eastereggradish145.jpg horseradish100.jpg

(left to right)

1. The red radish_ the traditional salad radish, but it can also be great cooked (making it less bitter)

2. Long Scarlet radish_ a crisp, mild, rich radish famous in Italy

3. Diakon radish_ A large juicy yet mild radish popular in the orient

4. Watermelon radish_ this one is beautiful when cut open. It is similar to the red radish but without as much bite. It cooks very well and can even be mashed like potatoes.

5. Japanese Long Scarlet_ beautiful color, long, thin, and great for pickling

6. D’Avignon_ the French eat these for breakfast

7. Easter Egg radishes_ a variation on the red that come in multiple shades

8. Horseradish_ our bitter friend that adds a little zing to our meats and sandwiches

{via: delicious organics}

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