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shop drop definition
source: Ryan Watkins-Hughes

Artist Ryan Watkins-Hughes doesn’t like the mundane, repetitive commercial packaging that we have to all experience nearly every day of our lives. And frankly, neither do I. So, what does he do about it? He buys up a bunch of canned products and re-packages them with his beautiful photography (careful to leave the barcodes and price tags visible and intact), and then drops them back onto shelves for people to buy.

I think it’s great when people come up with ways to design our everyday things better. It might be a bit overkill to turn every canned item into a work of art, but adding a bit of culture to our most mundane objects is a terrific idea.

Shop-dropping isn’t an idea new to Ryan Watkins-Hughes. To learn more about him and shop-dropping in general take a listen to this interview on WNYC.



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