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I have never tagged anything with a can of spray paint but I have secretly wanted to.  Halo led light-writing is the kind of thing I could really get in to. The caps can be changed for different colors and the brightness is controlled by the touch of your finger.  If the light runs out you give it a shake just as you would if your can was running out.  A great piece from french designer Aissa Logero.

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printed rocks


Yoran Morvant creates printed master pieces out of stones.  Each line on these stones is drafted by hand.  After looking at a few landscape drawings you can easily see his inspiration and design background. We, here at momeld, appreciate a hand drafted drawing. This makes us dream of returning to the drafting board.  Of coarse, Morvant doesn’t use a parallel bar, circle templates, or a triangle which is why we give him major props for these beauties.



morvant-04More of the well crafted Pierres Graphiques Collection here

April 29, 2009 at 9:55 am 2 comments

grass by grassland

grassland-06Grassland brings you objects made of grass.  Using real grass in wall applications, giant orbs, and yes even a giant sheep.

The grass grows not on soil but on various materials – using water, light and the power of the seeds only. The roots intertwine and form a joint area that, with the aid of the special technique of drying, will stick even on stainless steel. The grass is conserved through the process of drying only.

The objects age and fade from green to shades of brown over the life of the products. I like the idea of adding new pieces over time so the stages of life are staggered.

Depending on the incidence of light, the colours can take up to two years to change. In addition, the grass follows the law of gravity and bends down slowly. After three to four years, the appearance of the grass hardly changes any further.


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Easter Eggs

Happy Easter everyone!

romanian-eggsEnjoy the hand painted Romanian Easter Eggs. These little pieces of art are believed to bring luck and protection against evil spirits.


romanian-eggs-1flickr set

If you haven’t checked out last years drilled eggs they are a real treat as well.

April 12, 2009 at 12:27 pm 1 comment

bike in color


Everyone is biking to work these days.  Well maybe not everyone but everyone who lives in a place where it is feasible to bike has thought about it.  Or maybe New Yorker’s who just haven’t gotten on bike board yet will be pushed over the edge by fare hikes. Leaving your bike on the sidewalk is mostly out of the question and who wants a bike crammed into the hall of an already cramped apartment.  What if you could customize your bike to match your living room? Well, why wouldn’t you?

Republic builds bikes and you consult on the design. Every component can be customized: the grips, wheels, tires, frame, parts I don’t know the name for, even the chain!





Lovely bikes for any personality or design!

April 4, 2009 at 11:22 am 1 comment

cassette on canvas

Iri5 presents cassettes on canvas:(cassette is real, no paint, no photoshop)


jimi and bob, how nice!

+flickr set of all work
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March 21, 2009 at 12:59 pm 1 comment

paint by BMW?

I guess some canvases are just to big for a brush, why not use a car? Robin Rhode used a 2009 BMW Z4 roadster to create a master piece.  He directed the car from 30 feet above the surface while Jake Scott documented the process.

The results will be on display March 25,2009 @ Grand Central Stations, Vanderbilt Hall in New York City.

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